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"He delivers prop gags and puns with élan. The gags go from genius to terrible, but work because of his delivery and a couple of people were laughing that hard, I worried for their health" (Peter Fox, Nottscomdeyreviewer)

"As someone who has gigged with Roger as an act and booked him as a promoter I can can honestly say he is one of the most unique and talented acts I've come across in all my years in comedy. There is no need to compare him to other acts he's just bloody brilliant. BOOK HIM NOW" (Jon Wagstaffe, Chortle)

"Roger Swift is ‘THE’ prop comic. It has no right to work, but it really does. His gag per minute rate is simply off the scale and has the brilliant ability to completely blindside an audience with an unexpected punch line. My favourite thing on the comedy circuit at the moment.” (Paul Savage, Chortle)

"To all comedy bookers and promoters if you have not all ready booked Roger Swift . You need to do so as soon as you possibly can . I have seen Roger 4 times each time he has brought the house down. Only tonight at my gig people were asking when will he be back. just 5 mins after he had finished. I'm sure every comedian who has seen him will endorse this." (Craig Bennett, Facebook Comedy)

"Roger's act is genuinely unique, like nothing I've ever seen before, but perfectly accessible to almost any audience. If you've got an audience that really go for loud, high-energy stuff he'll completely blow the roof off. More reserved audiences can be a taken aback by it at first, but he's great at getting them on board" (Dean Love, Chortle)

"I commend to the comedy nation the irrepressible, Roger Swift. He is a cross between Tim Vine, Timmy Mallet and Charlie Chuck. If that does not provoke your interest I do not know what will. Roger cranks out terrible puns and sight gags at high velocity. He can divide the room as people try to work out if he play acting or going through some kind of trauma. The jury is out so you decide. He is now legend on the local comedy scene and last night he totally blew the audience away, The people literally laughed like drains. He's the comedy equivalent of semtex" (Dave Dinsdale, Chortle)

"He's got all these boxes of stuff, and you think "oh, really?" and then he starts and you're all "oh, wow, really!" (Stuart Goldsmith, Comedians Comedian Podcast)


I was a UK Pun finalist at the Leicester comedy festival in both 2016 & 2017. I finished in 3rd place both times.




In a list compiled by the TV Channel Dave. I was placed in the top 15 jokes of the Edinburgh Fringe 2016 with my marmite pun from my 'Punderstudy' Show....